The most important work of the Water Safety Committee is the organizing of a Boat Safety Class.  The State of Michigan is very strict in enforcing boater safety rules.  This includes the safety of, not only, boaters, but those on Personal Watercraft.  In view of this, the Homeowners Association, in conjunction with the Van Buren county Sheriff's Marine Division, conduct an annual safety class.
The state regulation requires the following:
    Persons born after December 31, 1978 shall not operate a boat or personal watercraft unless they obtain a Boat Safety Certificate.
    The operator who is 12 years or older, but less than 14 years of age, may use a personal watercraft, but that person must be accompanied ;by a parent or a legal guardian.
    That parent or guardian must have a Boat Safety Certificate, regardless of age.
Next years Boat Safety Class will be held on (TBA), at the Sister Lakes Fire Station. 
  The Sheriff's Department wants to limit the class size to 25, due to space limitations.
Pre-register at:
    No future class information at this time


Free signs are available to attach to your swim rafts.  They are reflective, self adhesive and offer improved visibility to protect rafts and watercraft cruising at night.  They also have our website address so you can keep up with activities on Big and Little Crooked Lakes.

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