In 1997 the discussion of implementing a sewer system for the Sister Lakes Area began.  There were various reasons for installing the modern sanitation system that would replace the old and inadequate septic systems.  They would be inoperable when high water levels actually flooded the old septic tanks in low lying areas.  The affluent from the untreated septic tanks would leach into the lakes and act as a powerful fertilizer creating additional lake weed growth.  More people were retiring to the lake on a year round basis, testing septic systems to the limits.  Adding the convenience of dishwashers and washing machines also contributed to detergents entering our lakes through outdated septic systems.

The solution, both physically and politically, was to create a ring road system that provided  the answer for lake front property owners.

A special assessment district to fund this system was agreed to by the lake front dwellers and construction was completed in 2002. The waste travels to the Dowagiac Treatment Facility via a system of lift stations and a network of pipes.  These “lifts” all have a back- up generator system to maintain power and thus ensure waste removal during power outages. The surrounding lakes are all participants in the sewer system which adds health and environmental benefits for the entire Sister Lakes Area.

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