The Lake Association was formed in the spring of 1992.  The principle organizers were Tim Mitchell, Tim Mummaw and Bill Taylor.  The motivation for establishing an association was: monitoring water quality, the lake level, the no wake ordinance on Big Crooked and to investigate the possibility of the return of a bridge between Big and Little Crooked Lakes.
The height of the water or lake level became such a problem by 1992/1993 that The Association spearheaded a drive to petition the drain commissioner to construct a drain system involving Little Crooked, Big Crooked and Round Lake.  The drain was complete in 1997.
In the spring of 1996 Eurasian Milfoil was discovered in both of our lakes.  The Association assumed the responsibility to learn about and treat this very invasive exotic plant.  Homeowner donations were used to pay for the annual treatments.  Gradually the spread of the weed and the limited number of donations necessitated the formation of a special assessment district in 2005 and the hiring of a professional lake management company to oversee the ecology of our lakes.
At the same time, in 1996, The Association joined the Michigan Lakes and Stream Association.  The ML&SA is a nonprofit association which is dedicated to research and education.  Every year we send a member to their annual seminar.  We also participate in the annual cooperative water testing program.
In 1997 The Association wrote a Curfew Ordinance to help the local Sheriff Officers direct young people home after hours.  The ordinance was adopted by Keeler Township in 2002.
The interest in a possible ring road sewer district was introduced in 1997.  The Association took an immediate lead in the effort to have a sewer system become a reality.  After a great deal of rumor creation and opposition, sewer construction was completed in 2002.
In 1999 The Association contacted the Van Buren County Sheriff to coordinate a Boat Safety Class.  This was an effort to educate young boaters and help our members meet the new Michigan boater permit requirement. This class is given every year in early June.
By 2005 the level of the water was once again becoming a problem. This time the water was receding.  In some areas the water receded as much as 30 to 100 feet. That year we learned of a lake augmentation project on nearby Barron Lake. We invited experts to our July 2005 annual meeting to educate the membership about an augmentation project.  Again as with the sewer project there was a great deal of rumor creation and opposition.  In 2010 the augmentation of the lakes was approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and construction was completed in October of that year.
The Crooked Lake Association is an organization that includes homeowners on both Big and Little Crooked Lakes.  We are a proactive group and proud of our accomplishments over the years.  Our Association is necessary because no other local, state or federal agency takes close, personal, hands on interest in monitoring the quality and well being of our lakes.


Crooked Lakes Homeowners Association
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